The Difference Between THCA & CBD

We all know THC right? It is the most abundant chemical in marijuana and it is the one responsible for its psychoactive properties. But before THC become THC, there’s THCA – one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis. And it is starting to show great promise in medicine despite the lack of research on it.

Basically, THCA is found in raw and live cannabis, but as the plant dries, THCA converts to THC. Heat speeds up this conversion in a process known as decarboxylation which is what basically happens when you puff a joint.

Then there’s CBD – another very important cannabinoid and the second most abundant right after THC. Cannabidiol also has recently been confirmed by scientific data to have amazing therapeutic properties, especially in the treatment of severe forms of epilepsy in children.

So, without a further ado, here are the differences between these two cannabinoids – starting with THCA. As we already said, the research on THCA is strongly limited, but it has been enough to show this chemical having several important therapeutic properties:

Other possible medical values of THCA is that it could be used by people to treat insomnia, muscle spasms, and pain. Again, we will have to wait for more scientific research to back up this data and possibly show even more medical value of the substance.

On the other hand, CBD has been research much more than THCA and as a matter of fact has just recently been shown the be highly effective in treating epileptic seizures. The chemical’s medical properties include:

And similar to its “cousin” THCA, CBD can also be used to treat insomnia, and is also an effective combative against the “negative” effects of THC such as memory impairment and paranoia. Of course, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug in the U.S. so conducting research on the plant isn’t exactly an easy job for scientists.

The DEA recently announced that it might re-schedule the herb which is great news and will allow much more studies to be conducted on Mary Jane. Naturally, THC and CBD (the most abundant cannabinoids in marijuana) will probably be researched the most before going into the research of the rest of the cannabinoids.

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  1. I just made my own THCA oil 2 weeks ago and I no longer take any of the man made pain,blood pressurenotr my UC (4 of them) pills. I have no felt this amazing in years.

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